Europe’s revalidation specialist


Our mission

To exceed the expectations of our customers as it comes to service:

Thinking together with the customer
Short communication lines
Developing new products and improving existing products
Respectable guarantee terms and aftersales

This mission made Pegasus Zorg a reliable and trustworthy partner that stands for quality, customized solutions/products and an expert in our business field.

Our history

In 2002 we started producing wheelchair frames for orthosis. Since then we have expanded our knowledge and made big leaps in the development of our wheelchairs.

In 2005 we added selfproduced wheels to our assortment. Later in 2007 different parts of the wheelchairs were manufactured from our own production.

This has led to the point where we are able to create customized products from concept to creation. We have been doing so since 2009 and our sources only have become bigger since then.

Our current assortment contains wheelchair frames, accessoires, wheelchair parts and customized products.

Because of production lines in the Netherlands and abroud, Pegasus Zorg has grown out to be a solid factor with worldwide customers in over 24 countries.

The majority of our products is self-produced or directly bought from the manufacturer. This allows us to offer a very comprehensive and competitive product range